Short term rental made simple

Welcome Here, Lda. is a company dedicated to the short and medium term rental of apartments for the private (families, friends) and corporate (consultants, directors) sectors.

We present high quality apartments, decorated by professionals, fully furnished and equipped with a good supply of multimedia, appliances, kitchen and housing accessories.

We have been in the local accommodation market since 2009 with dozens of regular customers at the private level, who come to us for leisure and health reasons, and also at corporate level, for training or work reasons.


Provide our guests with a personalized service, a rewarding and memorable stay so that they feel they are in their own homes and with a desire to repeat the experience.


Provide a solution of excellence in terms of the high standards of hospitality and flexibility of the hotel units, but with the privacy and added value of short and medium term real estate rentals.


Customer Service– Personalized, flexible, with a high sense of responsibility and action, focused on our guest;

Trust– Create a feeling of security and transparency in the relationship with our guests so that they can have a peaceful stay;

Quality– Unique apartments, fully furnished by professionals, very functional in terms of appliances, accessories and multimedia, with a unique refinement of well-being and satisfaction;

Location– Apartments well located in the urban and road areas, with easy access to public transport and parking space (except apartment Enjoyment).

Our team

Mafalda Lobo de Carvalho

Mafalda Lobo de Carvalho


Luís Gomes da Silva

Luís Gomes da Silva


Carlos Gomes da Silva

Carlos Gomes da Silva


More than 10 years of experience

Welcome Here has more than 10 years of experience in the areas of ​​local accommodation and another 20 years in ​​rentals.

Relationship of proximity and trust with our guests

Welcome Here’s team seeks through the relationship of proximity and trust to create a feeling of familiarity.

Proactive solution-oriented team

Welcome Here seeks to respond to the specific needs of our guests, such as ensuring a peaceful stay for pregnant women who come to Lisbon to have their child or for consultants who are working or training.

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We have for your family, group of friends or company, high quality apartments furnished and equipped for short or medium term stays.

Contact us to receive our best proposal adapted to your needs.

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